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Pro-Drive recruitment is quite different from your ‘average’ high street agency. Firstly, we really DO try and understand the specific needs of each client AND candidate. Matching skills is only half the task because of those client-candidate relationships, understanding the personality of both parties is critical to our success. That is why we will never forward candidates details without having first met them and never take on a vacancy if we haven’t met the employer personally.

We are GLA registered ( too which adds a further level of reassurance to our candidates that their rights as an employee will be respected including minimum wages, working conditions as well as making sure all visas, passports and permits are in order. The GLA regularly do spot checks on GLA agencies to make sure all the necessary procedures and records are being adhered to.

To Our Candidates
We act as friend to help guide them into the best job to meet their criteria. Where necessary Pro-Drive can also provide health and safety inductions to bring candidates back up to speed after short breaks from working.

To Our Clients
We aim to take the pain out of recruitment. Pro-Drive do the running around so you don’t have to. We take care to understand individual clients’ needs and don’t just send CV’s or forward candidate details because you need someone urgently. If we can’t find the right person then we will tell you.

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Administrative Assistant
£10 - £10.50 per hour (Start: ASAP)

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Accounts Assistant
£11.00 per hour (Start: ASAP)